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Harrison Ford Fan items for sale

BLADE RUNNER portfolio from 1982. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Nine 9x12-inch color prints, Official Collector's Edition Volume 1 (Book). 150 photos that tell complete movie story from 1982. 12 black/white 8x10-inch photos, 12 color 8x10-inch photos. Shipping Weight: 2 pounds. Asking Price: $10.00 USD.

HARRISON FORD package #1. CONTENTS INCLUDE: 88 3x5-inch color photos (mixed). 2 black/white 8x10-inch photos from Force 10 From Navarrone. 7 color 8x10-inch photos from early years. 5 color 8x10-inch photos from Witness. 1 color 8x10-inch photo from Frisco Kid. 10 black/white 8x10-inch photos from Frisco Kid. 1 color 8x10-inch photo from Indiana Jones. Shipping Weight: 3 pounds. Asking Price: $10.00 USD.

CHAMELEON - A Portfolio of Harrison Ford. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Two 27x40-inch posters. Two 18x36-inch posters. Three 20-1/2x27-inch posters. A couple of 17x25-inch posters. Shipping Weight: 3 pounds. Asking Price: $10.00 USD.

5x5-inch Framed Harrison Ford oil print by B. Fister-Litz titled 'Indy'. (Picture Available) Shipping Weight: 1 pound. Asking Price: $10.00 USD.

HARRISON FORD package #2. CONTENTS: 1 black/white 8x10-inch Blade Runner photo. 10 color 8x10-inch Blade Runner Photos. 14 8x10-inch Indiana Jones photos. 8 8x10-inch color Star Wars photos. 1 8x10-inch black/white Force 10 From Navarone photo. 1 8x10-ich black/white Frisco Kid photo. 1 8x10-inch color Witness photo. 1 8x10-inch Promo and 11x14-inch Press Book for Frisco Kid. 1 15x18-inch Framed Han Solo enlarged photo. Shipping weight: 6 pounds. Asking Price: $10.00 USD.
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